Energy, concentration and correct hydration are the main characteristics required to tackle intense and sustained training.

4+ MAXI GEL CAFFEINE & CARBO LOADED provides everything you need to start your exercise with the right boost and maintain it over time. Fructose and maltodextrins are the gradual release energy sources of this gel. Maltodextrins are easily digestible and therefore absorbable carbohydrates. When compared with sugar, they are characterized by slower release, guaranteeing constant energy. 4+ MAXI GEL CAFFEINE & MALTO LOADED contains 105g of caffeine per dose, useful to maintain the levels of concentration and state of alertness high, both at the start and during the activity. Moreover, caffeine contributes to speed up the absorption of carbohydrates, contributing to quicker assimilation.

Mineral salts, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are responsible for the water and salt balance of the body that needs them to work properly. The loss of sweat during exercise means a loss of minerals too. Their reintegration is extremely important to prevent consequences such as dehydration. Intake in certain proportions allows their correct assimilation and therefore function in the body. Finally, 4+ MAXI GEL CAFFEINE & MALTO LOADED contains the vitamins of the B group, well-known for their support action of energy metabolism and the immune system. Vitamin B6 in particular is involved in the normal energy metabolism, while vitamins B3 and B5 intervene in metabolising macronutrients.