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BETA CAROTENE + is a supplement of beta-carotene, an antioxidant pigment indispensable for the the wellbeing of sight, skin, bone and immune system.

Beta-carotene is a plant pigment in the carotenoids category, known as the precursor of vitamin A; it converts into it if the body really requires it.

Beta-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin that accumulates in the liver and partly in the adipose tissue and in the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of inactivating the free radicals that form also after intense physical effort.

Beta-carotene is very important for the sight, since it is converted into retinol, an essential substance for good eyesight. Retinol is in turn converted into retinoic acid that is vital for cell growth and differentiation.

Present in adequate levels, beta-carotene can reduce skin sensitivity to sunlight, reducing the risk of burning. A very important thing for subjects with particularly fair complexion that is sensitive to burning.

It has been proven that beta-carotene can contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Its antioxidant properties can be useful to prevent the formation of deposits in the arteries, with consequent advantages for blood circulation and the prevention of clots.

Finally, beta-carotene can increase the number of lymphocytes in the blood, improving the response of the immune system.

A beta-carotene supplement can be useful in subjects that follow a vegetarian diet, as a source of vitamin A.



Take 1 capsule once a day with water.


Sunflower oil, gelatin, humectant: vegetable glycerol, beta-carotene.


Tanned skin with no redness? It is really possible!
A solution exists and is called beta carotene!

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For serving 1 softgel
Beta-carotene 7.5 mg (150% RDA)

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