Fuel up for a long and lasting effort

The product line ENDURANCE has been designed specifically for all the people, both amateurs and professionals, that practice sports where physical stamina and endurance represent key factors to get ahead. Athletes involved in disciplines like running, cycling or mountain bike, trekking or skiing will find in our supplements the right answer to their needs in terms of energy, resistance and endurance.

Our formulations are composed by micronutrients designed to contrast the oxidative stress and support the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates as energy sources, in order to maintain a constant level of sugars in the blood and reduce weakness and fatigue during the physical effort. Once again, we selected carefully the best raw materials on the worldwide market, in order to get effective products that really do what they promise in any situation.

The product line ENDURANCE includes a wide range of products, rich of carbohydrates (maltodextrins and sugars) with the addition of antioxidants and vitamins, stimulants and mineral salts, in a correct and balanced mix for the best result. The supplements are provided in the form of powder or gel without any flavor.

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