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EXTRA OMEGA + is a supplement based on the Omega 3, EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Omega 3 are essential fatty acids that our body cannot produce and must be taken via our diet.

Their characteristic is having a double bond in position 3 and are defined EPAs (eicosapentaenoic) and DHAs (docosahexaenoic).

The main effects are connected to the protection of the heart and circulatory system. EPAs and DHAs have overlapping or complementary effects. Both affect the reduction in the level of triglycerides, artery wellbeing, smaller thrombus risk and the improvement of some inflammation and oxidative stress parameters.

EPA has a high anti-inflammatory power. It is used to fight inflammatory pathologies such as intestinal inflammatory diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumathoid arthritis and premenstrual syndrome. It is very useful also in fighting hypertrygliceridaemia and hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis and neurodegenerative pathologies.

DHAs are attributed lipid-lowering properties, useful in reducing blood concentrations of triglycerides and cholesterol; neuroprotective properties, effective in protecting the central nervous system; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and anti-allergic properties.

Moreover, they are known for their presence in the cell membranes, to maintain their integrity and lower blood pressure.

Particularly used in the sports environment because they can improve the exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen at broncho-pulmonary level, to reinforce cardiac action, increase the blood supply to muscles and reduce muscle damage and catabolism, shortening recovery times thanks to the diminished synthesis of pro-inflammatory substances.

Finally, omega 3 fatty acids play an important role during pregnancy to reduce the risk of premature birth and possible placental disorders associated also with gestational diabetes, and to enrich breast milk with EPAs and DHAs, indispensable for the development of the baby's nervous system.

- EXTRA OMEGA+ is easy to use. The capsules have no aftertaste, are highly digestible and contain a low percentage of saturated fatty acids (present in discrete quantities in raw fish oil or low quality oil)

- EXTRA OMEGA+ is pure. Unlike other types of fish oil, it has no contaminants that have reached the sea environment and relative food chain. Its quality is IFOS certified with the coveted five stars.

- EXTRA OMEGA+ is intact. Fish oil is normally easily perishable; the technology used in this product allows to have an undamaged and unoxidised fish oil that keeps all its natural positive characteristics intact.


Take 2 capsules once a day with water.


Fish oil concentrate *AlaskaOmega®TG MSC, shell: gelatin, vegetable glycerol, modified starch; antioxidants: tocopherols.

*AlaskaOmega® TG MSC is obtained from Alaska Pollock Theragra chalcogramma (Merluzzo d’Alaska) and is a fully refined and concentrated trigliceride oil. This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for well-managed and sustainable fishery.

Training Day

  • before
  • during
  • after

Normal Day

  • morning
  • lunch
  • afternoon
  • dinner
  • night


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  • crossfit


  • cycling


  • ring


  • rugby


  • running


  • soccer


  • swimming


  • triathlon


Analisi media

For serving 2 softgel
Omega 3 1200 mg
- of which EPA 600 mg
- of which DHA 400 mg

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