H2O XPELL+ is a draining, purifying product made with natural extracts and group B vitamins.

It comes from expert research that combines the traditional medicine of various countries, for instance China and Japan, with the most advanced research methods, such as the gene expression due to the molecules present in herb extracts. In fact, it contains a mixture of appropriately standardized extracts with a diuretic and draining effect that is never invasive and dangerous to health, combined with an antioxidant and antibacterial action that favours the function of the excretion system and the blood and lymph circulation.

H20 XPELL+ contains Asparagus, already known in traditional European medicine for its draining properties, thanks to the very high potassium/nitrogen ratio and asparagine. Powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it seems to have also cancer-preventing action.

It also contains pilosella that is effective in water retention, thanks to the presence of luteoloside acting at kidney level and inhibiting ions (Na, Cl) and, therefore, water re-absorption. The volume of urine is therefore increased, together with the elimination of waste and metabolic waste, cleansing the organs and the liver and kidneys in particular. An anti-infective action on the mucosae of the genital and urinary tract is associated to its diuretic effect. Pilosella contains also chlorogenic acid, useful in weight loss, and vitexin, acting on capillaries, favouring the circulation and inhibiting angiogenesis in tumours.

Another component of H20 XPELL+ is orthosiphon, a plant rich in flavonoids, sinensetin and eupatorin in particular. It has a diuretic and purifying activity, promoting the elimination of excess liquids through the kidneys. It acts by increasing the volume of urine and favouring the elimination of chlorine, uric acid and metabolic waste. Orthosiphon has also an antibacterial action, being a cholagogue and cholesterol-lowering element, if used regularly.

Cranberry is a plant characterized by its diuretic, purifying and antioxidant properties. Considered a superfood thanks to its high content of vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids, polyphenols, fibre and mineral salts such as iron, calcium and manganese. It is used for its diuretic and purifying properties, to prevent and cure urinary infections (in particular cystitis caused by E. Coli). It is thought to be effective also in fighting mycosis and viruses.

Buchus is rich in flavonoids and mucilages and is used as a diuretic and antiseptic of the urinary tract. It is used also as a vasoprotector, thanks to the presence of the flavonoid diosmin.

Equisetum is rich in mineral salts, saponins, silicon, organic acids, flavonoids and alkaloids. Widely used for its well-known diuretic, purifying, hematopoietic, haemostatic, re-mineralizing and astringent properties.

H2O XPELL+ contains Bearberry too. With an antioxidant and antiseptic action, it favours the elimination of liquids indirectly, thanks to arbutin in particular. Often used as a diuretic and urinary disinfectant in conjunction with cranberry.

Finally, Dandelion, with a mainly purifying action. It can eliminate toxins by stimulating the biliary, haepatic and renal function. Its main components are triterpenic alcohols, sterols, vitamins (A, B, C and D) and mineral salts. These substances also give anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties at liver level. On the other hand, flavonoids, and potassium salts in part, are responsible for the diuretic properties of Dandelion, stimulating diuresis and favouring the elimination of excess liquids. Vitamin B has been added to this phytocomplex, because it promotes a reduction in fatigue and energy metabolism.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: diuretic drugs, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypotension, dehydration.


How to use
4 tablets per day in two divided, best separated from mealtimes.
Ingredients - Nutritional Info
Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) root d.e., Pilosella (Hieracium pilosellae L.) grass d.e., microcrystalline cellulose, Ortosiphon (Ortosiphon stamineus Benth.) leaves d.e., Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton.) fruits d.e., Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) grass e.s., Buchu (Barosma betulina Bart et Wen) leaves d.e., Gree tea (Camellia sinensis (L) Kuntze) leaves d.e., Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi (L) Spreng) leaves d.e., Dandelium (Taraxacum officinale Weber) root d.e., vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, vitamin B1 (thiamine chlorhydrate).

Additional Information

For serving 4 cpr
Asparagus e.s. 600 mg
Pilosella e.s. 600 mg
Intake of vitexin 2.4 mg
Ortosiphon e.s. 400 mg
Intake of sinensetin 0.4 mg
Cranberry e.s. 200 mg
Intake of procyanidins 8 mg
Horsetail e.s. 200 mg
Bucco e.s. 200 mg
Bearberry e.s. 200 mg
Intake of arbutin 20 mg
Dandelion e.s. 200 mg
Vitamin B1 thiamine hydrochloride 1.32 mg (120% RDA)
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H2O XPELL+ is a draining, purifying product made with natural extracts and group B vitamins.

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