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ISO+ is a supplement based on whey isolate proteins. Particularly suitable for sportsmen doing intense and demanding physical exercise, it is superb to maintain and grow muscle mass.

Unlike protein concentrates that have a protein percentage of about 80%, isolate proteins reach a good 90% of pure proteins. Proteins are obtained from milk with a process of cross flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration, giving a product practically with no lactose, carbohydrates (ISO+ has 0.4g), fat or cholesterol. They have a high content of essential amino acids, branched-chain amino acids in particular (BCAAs). Particularly interesting are the levels of Leucine, an amino acid capable of promoting protein synthesis, and cysteine.

Thanks to these characteristics, whey isolate proteins can provide the energy substrate for protein synthesis, in which the group B vitamins that are added to this product to increase its effectiveness take part too. Moreover, they can suppress protein catabolism, stimulate protein synthesis and promote muscle growth. They reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to normal liver function. Finally, they acts as a substrate for gluconeogenesis, a process through which energy is produced starting from some amino acids, in particular in prolonged fasting periods and prolonged physical activity. A product is deemed to be a quality product the higher the protein content and the lower the carbohydrate (lactose) and fat percentages are.

Proteins are digested thanks to the intervention of digestive enzymes that separate the protein chains into shorter chains, called oligopeptides that consist of amino acids. Chains consisting of between 2 and 10 amino acids are called oligopeptides, between 10 and 100 polypeptides and from 100 onwards they are just proteins. Protein digestion starts in the stomach and ends in the first part of the small intestine. Amino acids in the blood and extracellular fluids constitute a group called amino acid pool. This contains amino acids that have been catabolised by other tissues and those synthesized by the liver. In the amino acid pool, there is constant movement between amino acids coming in and going out. The absorbed amino acids go to two places: the liver and the other cells. The ones reaching the liver synthesize the proteins. Whey isolate proteins are characterized by high digestibility, due to the much more favourable concentration of the number of particles (osmolarity), and are therefore more assimilable.



Mix three scoops (30g) with 200-350 ml of water, fruit juice or skimmed milk and take once a day. For best result take within 30 minutes after training.


Whey protein (milk) isolate cross flow microfiltered, flavour, emulsifier: soy lecithin; sweetener: sucralose; vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride), colouring: chlorophylle

Training Day

  • before
  • during
  • after

Normal Day

  • morning
  • lunch
  • afternoon
  • dinner
  • night


powder powder


  • crossfit


  • ring


  • rugby


  • soccer


Analisi media

For serving 30 g
Calories 112 kcal
Protein 26 g
Carbohydrates 0.9 g
- of which Sugars 0.6 g
Fat 0.5 g
- of which Saturates 0.3 g
Salt 0.16 g
Vitamin B6 0.84 mg (60% RDA)
Vitamin B2 0.84 mg (60% RDA)
Vitamin B1 0.66 mg (60% RDA)

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