MALTO+ is a maltodextrin supplement specifically designed to take on prolonged exercise with a consistently high level of energy.

Maltodextrin is water-soluble complex carbohydrates that are produced from the hydrolysis of starch. They have long polysaccharide chains of variable length. It is precisely their length that allows us to classify them according to their dextrose equivalent (DE), from 2-4 up to 19. The higher the DE is, the shorter the chain, which results in faster absorption and a more rapid transfer of energy. The glycemic index is consequently higher for the shorter chains and lower for the longer chains. The maltodextrins have a much lower osmolarity than dextrose, which means that the solution flows more quickly in the intestinal tract due to the favorable osmotic pressure that is created. If the mixture is differentiated, the distribution will have better oxidation as they are absorbed, which results in an effective coverage of energy needs during prolonged exercise.


In addition to absorption times, an effortless digestive process is also relevant. The simpler it is, the less blood is required. One resulting benefit is the increased availability of blood to the muscles. This particular characteristic is also of the utmost importance for endurance athletes. In addition, the intake of these compounds during prolonged exercise also allows for better immune system efficiency and it lowers the risk of injuries or accidents related to a lapse in concentration or slowed reflexes that develop when blood glucose levels drop.

Add 30 g in 300 ml of water and take within the first 4 hours and no later than 6 hours, following highly intensive and/or long lasting physical exercise, as a part of the the dose of carbohydrates needed to obtain the beneficial effect. It’s important to take carbohydrates also from other sources.
Ingredients - Nutritional information
Corn maltodextrins.
Media Analysis
For serving 40 g
Calories 120 kcal
Maltodextrine 30 g
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