OAT+ is a product based on oat flour, rich in fibre, that provides constant and long-term energy supply, without causing any insulin peaks.

Oat flour is obtained by milling the seeds of Avena sativa, Graminaceae family. It contains mainly starch (70%), protein (17%), fat (7%) and fibre as well as vitamins and mineral salts. The protein content is high if you consider that it is 50% more than in wheat flour and contains a good acid framework. In vegan or vegetarian diets it is an excellent alternative above all for its high content of the Lysine amino acid which is normally lacking in cereals. Furthermore oat flour is high in fibre, which helps for the bowel and digestion to work correctly.

Starch is digested and absorbed slowly so that the glycaemic index has no peaks and the product can be used by diabetics. The fibre portion contains a high percentage of beta-glucans, beneficial molecules for the treatment of some metabolic therapies. When beta-glucans deposit in the intestine, they trap cholesterol from food in a non-absorbable gel that crosses the bowel getting rid of the cholesterol. Its cholesterol-lowering property comes from this. Finally, oat contains nitrogenous phenolic compounds, avenanthramides, that are powerful anti-inflammatories that can protect from cancer and inhibit cell proliferation.

How to use
DIRECTIONS Mix a 50 g portion (1 rounded scoop) in 200 ml of water or other favourite beverage. OAT+ can be taken at every time, for sportsmen also immediately before or after training. OAT+ can be used also to prepare desserts. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
STORAGE CONDITIONS Store in a cool, dry place and away from heat sources.


1. Add 50 g (1 heaping scoop) to 100 ml* of cold water.

2. Mix gently with a fork as to obtain a smooth and homogenous paste.

3. Let it rest for some minutes.

4. Heat a non-stick frying pan with a light oil layer.

5. Once the pan is hot, add half batter into the pan; then repeat in order to prepare 2 pancakes.

6. Cook on low heat for two minutes then flip over and cook for other two minutes until the pancake is uniformly golden on both sides.

7. Remove the pancakes from the pan and enjoy with your favorite seasoning.

* The water content varies depending on the desired consistency.

Ingredients - Nutritional Info


Oat flour (100%).


Oat flour (97%), flavouring, cocoa powder, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (94%), coffee powder, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.

Contains caffeine (112 mg / 100 g). Not recommended for children or pregnant women.


Oat flour (98%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (93%), cocoa powder, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (98%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (97%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (98%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (96%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.


Oat flour (98%), flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.

Additional Information

For serving 50 g
Calories 192 kcal
Fat 3.3 g
- of which Saturates 0.9 g
Carbohydrates 32 g
- of which Sugars 0.5 g
Fibre 4.7 g
Protein 6.5 g
Salt < 0.01 g
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OAT+ is a product based on oat flour, rich in fibre, that provides constant and long-term energy supply, without causing any insulin peaks.

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