PRO BLEND+ + is characterized by the various protein sources it consists of. In fact, it contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar caseins and calcium caseinate that have an absorption rate from fast to slow.

The first source is milk whey protein, considered as being quickly digested and assimilated and with high biological value.

The second source is whey protein concentrate, particularly rich in the proteins of the same name that represent the most valuable source of this food. When compared with the other sources of protein, they have a high content of branched amino acids and higher biological value, due to the considerable presence of branched amino acids. Given their high digestibility and speed in getting into the bloodstream, they are considered fast proteins.

Micellar caseins consist of different types of proteins, bound together with water, enzymes and minerals to form spherical compounds called micelles. In the stomach, unlike whey protein, caseins form a clot requiring several hours to be digested (even 7 hours). In fact, they are considered slow proteins. For this reason, caseins are recommended in between meals and in particular before bed, to avoid catabolism during the night.

Calcium Caseinate, a protein produced from the casein of skimmed milk, completes the PRO BLEND + formula. It provides the body with a steady and regular flow of amino acids, and for this reason it is often recommended to prevent cell catabolism.

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