m-TOR+ is a food supplement providing 5 g of L-Leucine, one of the 3 BCAAs which are particularly suitable to supplement sportsmen’s diet. The product provides also HMB, a Leucine metabolite and the blend GAKIC, containing Glycine, Arginine and KIC. Finally m-TOR+ also provides Spirulina seaweed, which plays a supporting and restorative action.


WARNINGS Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not take during pregnancy and in children or for prolonged periods without consulting a doctor.
DIRECTIONS Add 2 rounded scoops (11 g) in 200 ml of water and take once a day immediately after training.
STORAGE CONDITIONS Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.


L-leucine, glycine, L-arginine, calcium α-ketoisocaproate (KIC), HMB (calcium hydroxymethylbutyrate), acid: citric acid; flavours, sweeteners: erythritol, sucralose; spirulina (Spirulina platensis (Gomont) Geitler) thallus powder.

Training Day

  • before
  • during
  • after

Normal Day

  • morning
  • lunch
  • afternoon
  • dinner
  • night


powder powder


Analisi media

Flavour Grapefruit
For serving 11 g
L-Leucine 5 g
Glycine 0.5 g
L-Arginine 1.3 g
KIC 0.8 g
Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) 1.1 g
Spirulina Powder 50 mg

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