SILY+ contains silymarin, an active ingredient known for its liver regenerative capacity.

Silymarin is extracted from the milk thistle (Silibum marianum) plant which, aside from silymarin, contains several active ingredients in the bioflavonoids family, known as flavonolignans, including silybin, isosilybin, dehydrosilybin, silydianin and silichristin.

This plant extract has multiple actions of primary importance, particularly in hepatic dysfunctions.

Silymarin has a cholagogic effect, and it acts on the liver and detox systems thanks to its ability to stimulate the emptying of the gall bladder and the flow of bile in the duodenum.


Silymarin protects the liver from toxins, alcohol, heavy metals and drugs, and is recommended for the prevention of liver damage in people at risk and for cases of Amanita Phalloides poisoning. It protects new liver cells and reduces the inflammatory processes that are created. It is also a strong anti-oxidant and prevents lipid oxidation and the destruction of membranes in cells.

Silymarin is the best-documented substance for liver therapy and is also one of the most studied plant extracts with known mechanisms of action. It inhibits lipoxygenase enzyme by preventing the formation of leukotrienes, the substances responsible for inflammations.

Another positive effect of Silymarin is its anti-spasmodic effect. It relieves the cramps, pain and headache associated with the menstrual cycle. In sports, silymarin is essential for the purification of the liver from possible waste produced in high-protein diets. One to two cycles per year are recommended.

Silymarin can cause nausea, bloating, indigestion and, if taken in very high doses, can have a laxative effect.

A pack contains 60 capsules of 500 mg each.

Take one capsule once a day with water.
Ingredients - Nutritional information
Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) fruit extract (std 60% silymarin, 30% silybin), maltodextrine, capsule: gelatin, anti caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.
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Milk Thistle 100 mg
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