Fitness for Women

Fitness from the "woman’s" point of view is often seen as a pleasurable activity, which is definitely effective as physical activity but it also has a strong appeal thanks to idea of "creating a group". But this does not mean that you should think of it as low-key exercise! Surely it is characterized by a strong aerobic component, and therefore, this is the aspect of the training that we must try to optimize; however, typical feminine aspects, such as the management of water retention and the prevention of cellulite are more often considered. The goal of weight loss is often associated with muscle toning. This is why we provided the subdivision of two categories:


for those have only recently begun physical activity and therefore do not push to the maximum during their workouts, making sure to always enjoy themselves during their exercise sessions


for those who have been exercising for some time and want to optimize their results, especially in more demanding activities, such as spinning, fitbox or pump, that require you to reach particularly high heart rate levels, or in activities that require the involvement of the entire muscular system in general

fitness diet for women

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