Running is a very popular sport, also at the amateur level. Some athletes may have no particular time objectives, while others have some very ambitious goals, even if not competing at a professional level! Running is typically an endurance sport and is characterized by times and long distances. However, we should not underestimate the fact that it is also performed in harsh conditions (cold, rain, etc.) and even in uphill stretches; therefore, the training conditions may also involve significant muscle resistance. This is why we have provided a subdivision of three categories:


for those who have only recently started the sport or do it mostly for the sake of "going for a run."


for those who have been training for a significant amount of time and want to optimize their results; they do not want to settle for simply “going for a run;” they may also participate in some races, even if not regularly


for those who have been training regularly and intensely and want to reach levels of excellence, or for those who practice the sport at a professional level

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