Triathlons bring together the three most popular disciplines – swimming, cycling and running – into a single test. Athletes need to move seamlessly from one leg to another, not only showing good coordination but also great conditioning capacities, including strength and stamina. A completely different set of skills must be mastered for each of the three sports included in the race.

"Super Sprint"400 m10 km2.5 km
"Sprint"750 m20 km5 km
"Olympic"1500 m40 km10 km
"ITU Long"3000 m80 km20 km
"Ironman 70.3" or "Half Ironman"1900 m90 km21.097 km
"Ironman"3800 m180 km42.195 km

In this discipline, the athletes’ diet and nutrition are of the utmost importance, especially in the more challenging distances, because having a good supply of carbohydrates and the ability to build muscle (anabolism) are necessary and essential conditions for good results.

trhiatlon diet

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